50% Rev Share Program
Our 50/50 affiliate revshare program is like no other. Nitin Productions Cash brings you some of the best and highest converting websites on the web to date! You will see your checks grow and keep growing, long after the surfers initially join. If you want to make cash month and even years after the member signs up, this option is for you! Note: we will change payouts to a higher payout if you feel you send a high number of joins per month – contact us to find out more.

CCBill affiliate management

CCBill will log your traffic in real time using its affiliate tracking program; also allowing up-to-the-minute reports on referrals and commissions from the CCBill website. CCBill will also provide weekly payment via check or direct deposit, depending on your preference.

Every bit of your traffic and income will be counted from the moment your affiliate membership is activated. Simply provide accurate financial information so we know where to send your check or direct debit. And once you get your account set up, log on to the Butterfly Bucks website and sign up for a password to our exclusive promotional content. Our new sets, banners and other material are constantly changing, so come back often!